The Dream

Rangestead was born of a dream to create Colorado-themed merchandise that was different from what was already available. There are shirts with camping and mountains, the state flag, cannabis leaves and bikes on them, but none of these really appeal to a clean, minimalist aesthetic. That's what Rangestead aims to do: provide goods that have a heritage feel, a clean design and embrace simplicity. Goods you'd be proud to wear or showcase.

The Dreamer

I'm Rae, the dreamer behind Rangestead. I'm a Colorado native, and a fourth generation Denverite. My family has a long history in this town and I was raised in the Rockies with a sense of pride for this land. Rangestead became an idea in my head when I moved away from Colorado for 6 months and found myself wishing I had something other than sports gear to represent my hometown. I looked high and low, but the items available on the market just weren't my style. Don't get me wrong, there are some damn good makers out here, producing high-quality shirts and gear, but none of it reflected my personal aesthetic.
I talked about Rangestead for 5 years before deciding to take the leap and make the brand a reality. I combined my background in design, photography and marketing, with my love for vintage objects and Colorado history, to bring this idea to life. Size inclusivity and attention to detail are both close to my heart and aspects I want to bring to the brand.
Someone once told me that I could be a professional tour guide for Denver and I realized that I get asked for recommendations on things to see, do and eat in Colorado on a near weekly basis. This drove me to create the guides component of Rangestead.
I think humility, kindness, a soft heart, strong spirit and a sense of wonder are some of the most important things a person can have. I hope my brand encompasses these values.